Brand registration is a very important issue for entrepreneurial individuals or companies who want to move their brand forward by creating their own brands, which have been trying to create brand names and logos for a long time. In order to maintain and increase the authenticity and value of your brand, your brand must be officially recognized and officially yours.

Although trademark registration is not a mandatory condition, it is an important criterion to have your trademark registration so that the brand is yours in the real and official and not imitated.

How To Register Trademark?

The only official institution in Turkey is the  Turkish Patent and Trademark Office so that you can register your brand. You can apply for the registration of patents for your brand or designs through the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office.  You can visit the site of the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and learn more about the application procedures.

In addition, you can work with trademark/patent representatives working under the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office and ensure that the whole process is carried out professionally. 

Why Necessary to Have a Trademark Registration?

There are many advantages that your trademark registration will give you. We have listed these advantages by compiling them for you below.

Trademark registration can instantly provide users with important information about your company.

When you own a registered brand, consumers can get some ideas about your company. The fact that your brand is registered will indicate that your products or services are officially recognized and registered with government agencies, and will essentially indicate that all your business activities are also reliable.

Owning a registered trademark increases the value of your property.

The registration of your brand increases the value of your company and brand. 

Your brand cannot be imitated.

When your trademark is registered, your brand cannot be copied by others.  In case of imitation in some way, you can legally initiate all necessary legal and criminal proceedings.  

Having a trademark registration also protects your products and services.

If your brand is registered, it is possible to use trademark registration to protect your original products. In cases where your brand becomes more valuable in the market, you protect not  only your brand name or logo but also your products as well.

Your trademark registration will remain with you continue as long as you do not want it.

  You can continue to use your brand for 10 years after registration at no cost.  You may transfer or inherit the rights to use your brand at any time. If you want to continue to use your brand, after 10 years, you can continue to protect your brand with a renewal. 


Examination of the trademark application made by the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office. There is a 2-month trademark publication period to let other owners submit objections against your application.


In which country the trademark application and registration is made, the protection of the brand is obtained within the borders of that country.   It is of great importance for business owners to apply for brands abroad, ensuring the protection of their brands in the other countries, on the grounds of exports and e-commerce. 

While the right to trademark registration has been obtained in the country of the affiliate, the failure to register an international brand can have very negative consequences. For example, if you want to use an unregistered branded product can be confiscated while customs checks are carried out.

On the other hand, it is also quite difficult for an unregistered branded product to be located in the targeted market.

Registration can be made in more than one country with a single application. We carry out the necessary foreign brand application and registration processes for you through global offices such as WIPO and EUIPO. 

Bilgi Patent has carried out international trademark registration procedures for many clients with its long years of experience in the trademark and patent industry.