Oktay Bilgin

Lawyer I Founder I CEO

Oktay Bilgin is the founder of Bilgin Law and IP Office and the current CEO of B Corporate. He specializes in advising companies, developers, employers, and professional teams and also specializes in dispute avoidance and resolution mechanisms, and also IP Prosecution and Litigation.

Ender Karadayı

General Coordinator I Trademark and Patent Specialist

Ali Öz

Coordinator I Trademark and Patent Specialist

Ali Öz graduated from Anadolu University Faculty of Economics in 1998. He specializes in Intellectual Property and Marketing.

Hilal Lefkur

Senior Managing Director I Lawyer

Hilal Lefkur has graduated from Istanbul University Faculty of Law with an honor degree in 2010. She completed his Master's degree in "Protection of the Family and Prevention of Violence Against Women" at Istanbul University Faculty of Law, Department of Public Law. She specializes in the fields of Criminal Law, Trademark and Patent, Rental Law, Family Law.

Cansu Candan Sarak

Lawyer | Trademark and Patent Specialist

Barış Bektaş

Senior Trademark and Patent Specialist

Barış Bektaş started to work in the enforcement division at Bilgin Law Office. He is currently the Head of the Accounting and Enforcement division of the Patent Office.

İbrahim Çelebi

Trademark and Patent Specialist

İbrahim Çelebi graduated from Kocaeli University Accounting department in 2011 and Anadolu University Finance department in 2018. He specializes in patents, utility models, and IP prosecution.

Efecan Bektaş

Trademark and Patent Sales Consultant

Efecan started as a trainee at Bilgi Patent office and now he is working as a Trademark and Patent Sales Consultant.

Derya Altun

Trademark and Patent Specialist

Derya Altun graduated from Technical Anatolian School Child Development Department. She has been working as a Trademark and Patent Sales Consultant at Bilgi Patent Office.

Gül Tufan


Gül Tufan graduated from the Istanbul Commercial University Faculty of Communication in 2018. She is an Expert in Advertising and Strategic Communication.