About Us

Bilgi Patent provides domestic and international services with a team of trademark and patent attorneys and professional lawyers highly experienced in the field of intellectual and industrial rights. We provide counseling services on the basis of the highest level of confidentiality on issues such as trademark, patent, utility model, industrial design, and protection of industrial rights. We guarantee total transparency by sharing each stage of all business procedures we have done with our clients.

Bilgi Patent Office provides services in the field of Intellectual Property Rights and especially in trademark, patent and design issues with its many years of experience. Bilgin Law and Patent Office help entrepreneurs establish, run and protect their businesses domestically and internationally with its professional team – experts in their fields with a higher education degree completed either in Turkey or abroad.


  • Brand / Trademark
  • Industrial Design
  • International Brand Registration
  • Documents Required for Application
  • Ready-to-Use Brands
  • Patent
  • Design Protection Program
  • Barcode Registration


Alarm System: By following the registration period of your trademarks, patents and designs with our alarm system, we prevent you from losing your rights before deadline.

Available Brand Pool: With registered trademarks prepared by expert teams and suitable for use in every industry, brands become available without waiting for the registration period.

Competitor Tracking System: The applications and changes made by other companies in your sector are tracked and reported each month.

Brand Monitoring Program: Your trademarks are monitored to prevent the registration of the likes and counterfeits.

Trademark Registration Guarantee: Accurate information is provided about the possibility of your applications being registered with the TPI, and in case the registration is rejected, a new application is made without any service fee.

Legal Support: Effective and quality services are provided with trademark and patent attorneys and patent engineers.